This website shows a variety of my work, but not all of it.

Special Thanks to Michelle Fairchild, who donated her time to create this site for me.

Giclee Prints

High quality archival giclee prints are available for much of the original artwork shown on this site, as noted in captions. Sizes in same proportions can vary according to customer preference. 

Giclee print by Paddy Hurley
Kayla just received her giclee print in the mail! It was a gift from her parents who live in Kansas. Kayla is a paramedic in the ER on the front lines. Her parents wanted to send her some love through art.

Oil Paintings

California Getaway Oil Painting by Paddy Hurley
California Getaway, Oil on Canvas

Painted Boxes

Memorabilia box by Paddy Hurley
Nancy’s Box, Detail


Watercolor by Paddy Hurley
Tiny Painting of Hope, 2017, Watercolor


Charcoal Drawing

Doodles and Sketches

Antique elevator drawing